Cow Skin – Turkey Neck Bake Bean

Jamaica Poor People Food Cow Skin” Turkey Neck With Bake Bean A lot of poor Jamaican’s females living in the 21 first century hardly eat these dishes so is best to live alone if you are poor and not working a steady job because you pocket may burn out dating a female who are attractiveContinue reading “Cow Skin – Turkey Neck Bake Bean”

Bake Chicken N Slice Fish

Bake Chicken is one of Jamaica Most Popular cooking dish for special” business” and social events in other Countries it may be known by the name Barbeque Chicken” Oven Chicken just by adding the BBQ sauce it’s Meat is Moist And Mild just by keeping it at the proper Oven Heat Temperature Add You SauceContinue reading “Bake Chicken N Slice Fish”

Curry Chicken is The Best

I Would Eat Curry Almost Everyday But Afraid I May Eat Too Much And Become Sick if Not The Gravy On The Rice Or Any Substitute Meat Suit Me Fine. Curry Have To Be in My Food As Long As Something In Curry Cooking I’m Saved By The Bell The Two Most Favorable Gravy KnownContinue reading “Curry Chicken is The Best”