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Friend Don’t Speak The Truth

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friends don't speak the truth

Friends Don’t Speak The Truth


The word friend is likely to be figure out that you’re actually not friend’s you’re acquaintance.

we group up in one social parallel  system that even you, yourself thinking this is what actually life is what it is” to be the best you can be & not to be left behind.

No more we see thing as child we now see that adulthood is growing up to live, eat, drink, & put on the best clothes you can afford, our worries become less hassle to us people become accustomed to the slightest presence of you been around in these time.

Can those who didn’t got nothing remember you that did had something they all do, but it’s not because you don’t has it now it’s because you had it before & didn’t make use of it rather than given it away, but that journey is every man’s faith to cross some made it, some didn’t, some trying hard to, while some believe in the wright way, while the rest keep on doing the same thing that reflects to me & you that friend don’t speak the truth.

Whose action is you” is to be a friend one that is forgotten, forgiven, sincerely, trustworthy, & told continued lie’s, can we find these in families; how can we find it in friend it happen.

Ten out of ten people growing up together in a scheme, projects, ghetto name it, he has to established himself a name to earn, support, manages, build a foundation for a better living.

Do you supported each other to do better than criticized a friend in need or a person in care nevertheless a stranger that need help, many do” some fine pleasure in even hurting others that don’t care of getting hurt by himself by making foolish mistake by letting you do it; rather than being him.

Not all the time the wise is clever he’s also a fool to the fool when you think you know everything, so is best to be fool’s studying the wise that think the fox is clever than the fool.

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