Pressure of Life

Pressure of Life

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The Pressure of Life

The pressure in life is not to be a bad person but letting go of that individual who is creating a person monster in you that we see everyday on street.

Life & energy is power no one seem to think that God faith is more rewarding when you have nothing more to give & you fail & fail to see that you can never always get what you want in life without feeling the consequence of pressure.

How you fight for something that has no means in you only in rewards with thyself to please others to be like you isn’t that selfishness of all but never including or excluding to them.

How can everything be perfect in a world that actually as no light in the eye’s of a few; even the author sin but still ask plenty not to.

What is sin death ‘ whose death? those that pass” those that came”

Those that came all drop short of glory, man’s makes more mistake when he’s older.

But it is death of all most man are afraid of specially growing in age & seeing that their wickedness is now & catching up on him or she.

It is a one way ticket home, a ticket that only the star’s will see.

That man life is actually a point of wanting to be” just believe it will happen.



Different or Difference

Difference in Human,

People is Like Animal

why people say where different is because some of us are more intelligent than others.

we are more respectfully aggressive and love the joy of life but hate and abuse that inflicted upon you or they that is seem similar in feeling.

the system is growing in corruption because we allowed name sake to continue being a problem.

we can’t keep on watching knowledge go to waste by the problem when the problem is you and you alone.

you fail your son you spoil him than growing him you daughter you sold her the first time you told her.

the system is a lie because you blind the church is gone the day gay is born.

everything holy but nothing but the water seem holy love is time only when you seem fine.

Hate And Love

Finding Love With Each:

Has we find love so does hate; love & hate can never be apart from each other
they are married to each other & refuse to be separate.
They are so in love that they both get jealous for the slightest thoughts of not paying the other attention in the time of conflict.
When hate is at its strongest point it expect love to show her affection toward her feelings she can never be ignore or chase away even be left alone.
Love is so weak at times also that she too also hate of been the one to always be given the love & not receiving it first.
But she’s love & he knows what best for hate that why he married her & she married him it was meant to be love & hate.
No one can ever come between these two this is true love for them & it was God loves to bring these two together to you.

Jamaica Secret Killer

Ackee & saltfish


Ackee & saltfish is the Jamaica national dish it’s use all over the world as menu meal as breakfast, lunch, dinner, mostly in the Caribbean countries.

In Jamaica lots of restaurant prepare ackee because it is a special meal love by Jamaican both male & female with fry dumpling, rice, yam , banana, white bread or breadfruit.

We can find ackee in the street of Jamaica; ackee tree that even if you hungry or out of cash you sure to find some ackee somewhere around the area you visit or live.

Ackee sold for the smallest amount of $100 per dozen & that just when it is available in bundle but expensive when less in stock of supply.

Everyone love ackee no one ever complain about the quality of it just driven by it’s taste to eat ackee without knowing the complications of ackee when it is consume by a large quantity amount may trigger cancerous cell in your system worse if your a male.

Ackee is also one of the most infected deadliest poison that can kill you in minutes or seconds & is use by most females to damage their husband or someone blaming it on ghost.

Some ackee taste better than others some are harder & solid to cook without breaking up in pieces; so is best to cook or eat from one tree instead different type of trees.

Never climb or pick someone else ackee from their tree without you knowing them or gain permission from them to climb it; you might find yourself in trouble arguing over someone else dinner so it best to save the embarrassment on yourself.

Ackee are sold in can overseas & locally in supermarkets worldwide for various types of prices; they also are ship in small amount in container’s for family members who are attached to their culture & food.

You can give a female’s in the Caribbean ackee or Mongo’s & she love you almost the same way as the fruit’s.

Citizens in America & Europe love to visit Jamaica not because of our music, beach, food but the beauty of it all jerk chicken, pork, jelly water & sweet smelling fragrance of the highest marijuana blazing in the air but nothing beat the taste or smell of some fry dumpling or breadfruit with ackee & saltfish a French cup of vanilla tea coffee anything you desire.

Ackee is true product of our ancestors food so is best to be careful how we handle this fruit it can be good to you but harmful to others.

Not all male’s ackee may affected some may have bad stomach & can’t take too much cooking oil in their body so is best to be gentle on how you prepare your dish meal.



Suicide Ain’t me,

Pining Lyric Service

Tablets is the worse method to use when you want to leave this world quietly in peace you wake up back in a hospital thinking you were somewhere else just to find yourself in the same world that you want to check out of.

The best tactic is the highest building you can find but the only problem you’re going to be in Limp by Limp’s.

Hi don’t intended to be criminal or be a puppet are a slave to no organization or government entity being a fool or idiot my entire life satisfying their needs without no justification of what my actually purpose of being here on earth.

Hi am tired of selfish families given you the world when you dead, tired of churches preaching Lie to me about illusion, tired of government turning people in drugs addict, homosexual, criminal’s, that is only Governor to keep people in poverty enforcing these habit, tired of school’s teaching doctrine that is not uplifting the mind of youths conscious thinking.

Year’s hi am thinking that if i don’t see my dream in couple years ahead by now getting old rather hi die has an poor man than living a poor man’s life suffering to accept the devil’s wish to bow down to him and worship him and receive is Glory is best Satan get behind me than in front of me leading me to a place of hell.

They say if you take your own life you will never see God’s face but the devil lied hi see God’s face every day because we are is image.

It’s so difficult starting over and over when too much temptation surround you is like every living soul become demonic wanting your trust only to push you over the pit rather than lead you to to straight path of safety.

The world is a curse so are the mind of many that can never satisfy with what they have only wanting what you got; you pride, love, peace of mind with God to share the joy of happiness but people rather sorrow and pain an been in shame.

Revenge ain’t a crime when your alone bearing the pain feeling sorry for yourself rather making foolish advise think how is the best way it can be solved


Regret of 2013

Written By: Junior Weir,

Pining Lyric Service

The poorest time of my life is this year 2013, I am trapped with two family that don’t care about my life only to watch what you have by bringing you down more as life proceed to get harder.

That year I lost my child, girlfriend, friends, families everything I worked for years.

I always tried in life & they where always that person watching & waiting to take what I have as fast has they can.

I lost all of those by just loving my daughter because the life I desire wasn’t the life her mother chosen.

It took a toll on my emotions that I wasted all my years being with that someone that didn’t wanted to live a decent life that we both could see our kids growing up and be good citizens.

People will say I made a bad approach but they will never know the facts only if they choose to listen with their heart.

Many relationship are broken not because we choose to; no it’s because the other half isn’t strong enough to fight with you.

All marriage work by health & strength rich or poor some desire or more open minded than some.

trust is base on love but when that trust is broken & become an option love falls & die.


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Pining Lyric Service

Christian Are Hypocrite.

Jamaican women’s is the most hypocritical when it comes on to the religion.

They hide behind God name throwing word’s in God’s name at people” but the actually think their doing is cursing the God out of you.

Not all religious person are bad” but the bad and the good are one together in conflict.

People doesn’t change overnights and will never be change but improve to something good or worse.

how can you change when your greatest enemy is yourself the man standing in the mirror or the man walking away or in front of his own shadow.

We blame the devil for or sin saying the devil cause us to sin; but isn’t us that made the action of or sin not the devil.

A man life is judge on what he earn in life and the only way to be free is to free yourself from all temptations.

Vanity and lust can make a man lose is soul of reality knowing that illusion is lust because anything that’s is vanity is replaceable human isn’t yet still.

We defined other’s that are spiritual in their art and proclaim it’s nonsense until the light reveal himself and we learn that the earth is not actually round but surrounded by art of all manner of nature by itself that are same and not alike but cannot be proven if it is true.