Jamaica Number 1 Liver

Jamaica Liver in Homemade Cooking Style From Junior – Weir

Liver And Cabbage

Turkey Neck

Turkey is Known For America Thanksgiving Day Get Together Celebration Among Themselve Friends And Family

Eaten Under 1 Roof Nicely Prepare Soul Food Home Cooking

The Ones That Knows it All The Real Mother’s of The World

Turkey Neck For Me is Like Sport i Eat it Almost Every Week And it Taste Good if You Know How To Keep Spice in Food.

Turkey Neck

Jamaica Quick Kidz Snack

First Time Eaten Bake Bean is When i Watched Dennis The Menace Movie it Was At That Time I Gotten To Know This Bean Product

Ate It In 1992 Me And Few Others Friend Didn’t Know What To Do Or Eat Along With It

So We Decided To Eat It Just As It Was Prepare In The Movie Scene Nothing But Heating Up On The Stove

Pasta N” Nuggets

Curry Chicken is The Best

I Would Eat Curry Almost Everyday But Afraid I May Eat Too Much And Become Sick if Not The Gravy On The Rice Or Any Substitute Meat Suit Me Fine.

Curry Have To Be in My Food As Long As Something In Curry Cooking I’m Saved By The Bell

The Two Most Favorable Gravy Known To Jamaicans Is Curry Chicken” Stew/Chicken” Pork Anything Else O.k

Curry Chicken

Jamaica Chicken Back

Our Ancestor Motto or Phrase is Always Remember Where You Coming From.

A of People forgot chicken back as soon as they got that big job or that green card even the visa Everybody get rich after a sudden even the homeless” hospital Everybody just stop eating chicken back ghetto steak but I won’t stop eating this meat as long as it came from chicken.

Chicken Back